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Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine


ZB1200B sheet-feeding paper bag tube forming machine is suitable for various kinds of creased sheet paper including varnished ,laminated and other processing technic to make high level and luxury goods paper bags.

Equipped with automatic frequency control feeder, side and front layer system, rolling glue system and automatic gusset forming and compaction out, the machine operation and size change are easily and fast. High speed and stable working ensure the paper bag tubes finished on time with high quality. Together with the optional pressing unit you will get the perfect quality traceless paper bags tube that you can't imagine.

Standard with water soluble cold glue, this is an ideal machine for making paper bag tubes. (Hot melt glue system is optional)

ZB1200B can work along with ZB60B or ZB50B-2 to fulfill the perfect semi-automatic paper bag making solution (top folding, bottom card insert and bottom folding achieved by manual).

Geeignetes Papier
Technische Daten
Max.sheet (L x W)
Min.sheet (L x W)
Sheet weight
Bottom Width
Total power
Machine size
Total weight
Glue Type
1200 x 600 mm
560 x 300 mm
100 - 350 gsm
90-180 mm
10 kw
10100 x 2400 x 1800 mm
80 - 80 bags/min
6 ton
Water soluble cold glue

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