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Automatic Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine


SBU450 model is the latest development of SOS block bottom paper bag machine of SBU Series and is designed for manufacture of large-sized carrier SOS bag.

In designing the bag making machine, special value was attached to the use of the servo technology and the highlight is the bag width which can be adjusted automatically by the computer.

SBU450 automatic block bottom paper bag machine can be single acting or fully automatically acting when wire-linked with the servo patching handle unit and automatic paper handle making unit, thus manufacturing shopping bags with a cord handle (named SBU450-HD).

Servo two layer unit can be introduced to this roll-fed paper bag making equipment to meet the needs for customers producing two piles bags.


Model SBU450
Material width 618 to 1310mm
Cut-off length 368 to 762mm
Bag width 205 to 450mm
Bottom width 89 to 180mm
Paper basis weight 70 to 180GSM
Max. roll diameter Φ1500mm
Roll inner diameter Φ76mm
Max. production capacity 180pcs/min
Total power 16kW
Machine weight About 11000kg
Machine dimension 13000mm×3200mm×2000mm

Bag Production
Optionales Zubehor
  • Servo handle patching unit & cord handle making unit
  • Servo two-layer unit