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Automatic Flat Handle Paper Bag Making Machine


The paper bag making machine features automatic flat handle making by adopting roller paper as the handle material. In addition to handle making, this automatic paper bah machine can also finish all other steps from handle pasting, bag body forming, gusset forming, bottom forming, to finished product delivering. It is one of the most popular style of paper shopping bag making machines for producing food and clothing packaging bags.

The flat handle bags produced by our paper bag making machine offer load carrying capacity comparable with that of common handle bags, but require much lower making cost. As compared with cartons, these flat handle paper bags have advantages such as reduced packaging size and cost as well. These, coupled with simple and efficient operation, make our flat handle paper bag making machine increasingly popular in packaging industry. The standard production speed is 120-150pcs per minute.

Designed on the basis of SBU450 basic model with long term stable running, our SBU450-518TH model flat handle paper bag maker also comes with outstanding performance.

Paper Roll Width 618-1310mm
Cut-off Length 368-762mm
Bag Body Width 205-450mm
Bag Bottom Size 89-180mm
Paper Thickness 90-160gsm
Paper Roll Diameter ф1500mm
Paper Roll Inner Core Diameter ф76mm
Paper Roll (for Handle Making) Width 78-94mm
Flat Rope Width 10-16mm
Paper Patch Width 52mm
Paper Patch Length 160-170mm
Max. Speed 150pcs/min
Total Power 18.5kw
Weight ≈16000kg
Machine Size 16000mmx3500mmx2500mm