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Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine


Flat and satchel paper bag machine is designed on the basis of increasing needs from food bag industry home and abroad. As a prestigious handbag making solution supplier, our reputation has been built on the innovation and new production development. We are excellent at offering outstanding product that fits a wide range of applications.

FGB1600 roll-fed high-speed packaging equipment is significantly distinguished by exemplary ability to encompass whole production process including glue dispensing, patching, edge gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom gluing, bag forming and counting. This handbag maker intrinsically processes natural or printed roll paper into fabulous paper bag applicable for industries of fast food, commercial products, gifts, mails, liquids and medicine.

Our flat and satchel paper bag machine is renowned by optimal structure and ease of use. Users are provided with high-speed central processing unit and touch-screen display, as well as servo motor to control machine speed. In addition, users are allowed to choose single or double channel production system accordingly. The maximal machine speed reaches 1000pcs/min. As a result, our product is the ideal alternative to imported equipment.

Single channel production Bag width (without edge) 1.5 to 14.5 inches 39 to 368mm
Bag width (with edge) 2 to 12.5 inches 51 to 317mm
Total edge 0.5 to 5 inches 13 to 127mm
Double channel production Bag width (without edge) 1.5 to 7 inches 39 to 177mm
Bag width (with edge) 2 to 5.75 inches 51 to 146mm
Total edge 0.5 to 3 inches 13 to 76mm
Cut-off length range 4 to 11.50 inches 102 to 292mm
Max. material width 30 inches 762 mm
Max. material diameter 47.2 inches 1200 mm
Paper basis weight range 20 to 40 pounds 30g/m2 to 65g/m2
Min. edge sealing 0.625 inches 16mm
Minimal side wing above finished die = edge sealing overlap + edge sealing compensation 1 inch 25mm


1. Feeding table is fitted with automatic tension control.

2. Automatic fault detection
3. Glue dispensing device added
4. Central cutting applied to double channel production
5. SUNHOPE rotary cutting blade
6. Belt transporting device is used to maintain the relationship between cutting rotary drum and folding rotary drum, ensuring the minimal value of bag bottom.
7. Additional oil-powered main transmission device is available and the oil is supplied by the pump.
8. Paper bag is transferred vertically, and a programmable counter is utilized for adjust bag counting.
9. Servo feeding system, which is equipped with a programmable device (with no transmission gear) to adjust cutting length, allows for pre-printing materials that has photoelectric detector.
10. Optional patch unit


1. Not all manner of bag width and edge can be applied to this machine. Please feel free to contact SUNHOPE for information of special combinations.
2. When applying double channel production system, bag width is susceptible to surface width and placement. Please contact SUNHOPE for detailed information.