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Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine


Brand new ZB1250S-450 automatic sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is suitable for mass paper bags produce by creased sheet paper. With Italian technology, PLC control, frequency speed adjust and remote control, the machine can fulfill automatic non-stop feeding, register, top folding(s), side gluing, gusset forming, split bottom for bottom card inserting and gluing, bottom pasting and compaction out by one time. Innovative bottom closing system makes the bag body and bottom entirely traceless.

Automatic top folding (two times top folding) by insert pasting joint type, split bottom for bottom card inserting and bottom folding to edge pasting reverse side are our invention patents, which make the bags more stronger, safe and beautiful. Save your labor and time to insert and glue the bottom cards.

Two times top folding is an option which can replace the handle reinforce paper.

Standard with Nordson hot melt glue system and water soluble cold glue, this machine is good for making gift and shopping bags for wine, drinks, dairy products etc, especially for luxury goods bags.
Geeignetes Papier
Technische Daten
Max.sheet (L X W)
Min.sheet (L X W)
Sheet weight
Bottom width
Bag width
Top folding size
Total power
Machine size
Total weight
Glue type

1200 x 600 mm
560 x 350 mm
200 - 350 gsm
90 - 170 mm
180 - 430 mm
30 - 70 mm
20 kw
18200 x 2400 x 1800 mm
50-70 bags/min
8 ton
Water soluble cold glue
(hot-melt glue)


  1. Feeder: enhanced pre-stack paper feeder to realize non stop paper feeding, greatly save the time to load and adjust raw paper
  2. Front and side guides positioning system
  3. Top folding system
  4. Both water soluable cold glue and hot melt glue
  5. Formation version making gusset system
  6. Insert reinforced paper system
  7. Bottom spray gluing system
  8. Automatic bottom sealing system
  9. Bags compaction table
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