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Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine


ZB700C-240 sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is suitable for mass paper bags produce. With Italian technology, PLC control, frequency speed adjust and remote control, the machine can fulfill automatic non-stop feeding, register, creasing (<190gsm), side gluing , gusset forming, bottom folding, bottom pasting and compaction out by one time.

Thanks for the special design of bigger cylinder, the machine's working speed increased 25%! 

Innovative bottom closing system makes the paper bag bottom traceless.

You can decide where to have the tube edge pasting side, big or small side. So you can make  customers different requirements paper bags.

Standard with nature-friendly water soluble cold glue and special compact paper bag size, this machine is good for wine bottle loading paper bag making. (Hot melt glue system for thick paper is optional)
Geeignetes Papier
Technische Daten
Max.sheet (L x W)
Min.sheet (L x W)
Sheet weight
Bag width
Bottom width
Bag length
total power
Machine size
Total weight
Glue type
720 x 460 mm
325 x 220 mm
80 - 190 gsm
100 - 240 mm
50 - 110 mm
120 - 42 0mm
12 kw
13800 x 2200 x 1800 mm
70 - 100 bags/min
9 ton
Water soluble cold glue
(hot-melt glue)

  1. Feeder:enhanced pre-stack paper feeder to realize non stop paper feeding,greatly save the time to load and adjust raw paper.
  2. Front and side guides positioning system
  3. M side making guesst system
  4. Big and small edge glue system: Standard configuration big and small side gluing system,front and back joint edge both able to produce.
  5. Paper blocked checking system
  6. Planetary gear push align guide system,which can realize non stop machine paper push align guide adjustment
  7. Folding bottom roller 4 equal parts design, low speed and high efficiency
  8. Planetary gear adjust paper hit rod system,which can realize non stop machine paper hit rod adjustment
  9. Automatic collection system: Automatic counting,convenient to collect bags.

Compared screw rod adjusting scissor clip system and toggle clip system with traditional manual way, each version replacement time shortening 60 minutes and it can realize non-stop machine micro adjust bottom clip.
Optional configuration scissor clip, toggle clip system:provide the best solutions according to customer product.


Outstanding process details 

Big/small  side pasting device,
it is the first configuration choice for high-grade luxury handbag 
    Optional configuration bag surface traceless system

Gluing position on big side (bag surface)
Gluing position on small side (gusset)
 Paper bags produced by traditional machine
Paper bags produced by machine with traceless system

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